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We Tasted 100+ Ingredients at North America's Largest Ingredient Tradeshow

Last week, KChan and I went back to Las Vegas ✈️ to attend Supply Side West. This time, the event was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center so we got to change up the scenery!Similar to Pack Expo, Supply Side West is one of the largest ingredient 🌱 tradeshows in North America with 1,300 exhibitors, 20,000 attendees, and 10,000+ of the latest and most innovative ingredients in the market.KChan and I came into the food industry from outsider tech & software backgrounds. We historically haven't found most conferences or expos in the tech industry to be a productive use of time 🤔. However, we’ve learned that in the food industry, it's critical to attend these tradeshows to build in-person...

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What We Learned at the World's Largest Packaging Trade Show

A few weeks ago, KCan and I had a chance to attend Pack Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.Pack Expo International is the world's largest packaging 📦 trade show!This local Vegas version had 30,000 attendees with 2,000 exhibitors in the 900,000 net sq. ft. convention center 😲. Our goal for attending was to check out all of the latest packaging options and materials available and meet printing vendors who might be viable partners to work with for our final product packaging.This was our first Pack Expo, so we walked in with eyes wide open, curious to learn as much as we could and not afraid to ask dumb questions 🙋‍♂️. We learned a massive amount over two days of...

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We Found the Perfect Branding Partner for immi

Even though we know some of you will be sad 🙃 to hear this, the current immi ramen packaging on the home page was always meant to be temporary!As many of you may remember from our post about our company values from a while back, two of our values are "quality above all" and "not afraid to do things differently."This means that KChan and I strive to be extremely deliberate about everything that goes into our company's products. We thoughtfully source the highest quality ingredients and examine every single design detail 🧐 that goes into immi's branding and packaging. The Search We spent a long time scouring the corners of the web 🕵️‍♀️ to find the best partner who could help bring the branding, design, and...

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Why We Participated in a Ramen Blind Tasting Test with 80+ Strangers

While food is science, taste is subjective. Most of you judge food within milliseconds of putting it in your mouth.  Signals from your tongue nerves fire to your brain and the reaction determines whether you become a loyal fan or never try that food again. The Problem with Taste When we were testing various formulations, one of the frustrating problems we encountered was an inability to know if our latest formula objectively tasted good. We've eaten a LOT of instant ramen in our lives and we'd like to think that we have high standards for noodles. But as creators of our product, we're always going to be emotionally biased.  We know our low-carb and keto-friendly ramen is the first of its kind. We know they're made with significantly more nutritious ingredients....

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The CEO of a Massive Japanese Food Conglomerate Tastes Our Ramen

One reason we started this immi blog was to share what goes on behind the scenes in getting a food company and better-for-you product off the ground.In today's world, everyone focuses on the polished end product and the edited social media highlights. Meanwhile, KChan and I have always wished that the brands behind the products we love would share more about the early days 💪 of their company building journeys.Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Our goal is to always be transparent with all of you who have taken a leap of faith to trust us and be a part of our immi journey. We'll be regularly sharing posts like this so that you can see all the 🤩 highlights...

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