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Taiwanese Spicy Beef Ramen

When we first started talking about making non-traditional ramen dishes in our kitchen, KLee insisted that we had to make a Taiwanese spicy beef noodle dish using immi ramen noodles. KLee commentary: I grew up eating this noodle soup and it's still one of my favorite noodle dishes of all time. Other people may have grown up with chicken noodle soup as their warm comfort meal, but Taiwanese beef noodle soup is my jam. My mom often started the day with some beef shank set to a low simmer in this broth base. All of the wonderful smells of the broth aromatics and five spice powder would waft through the house and ... I can't even type the rest of this sentence because I...

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Keto Ramen: 6 Recipes for Low-Carb Noodling

What do you do when you're in the mood for a piping hot bowl of ramen and don't want to fall off the keto train? Make keto ramen! Join us as we share some top tips on how you can stay on track with your health goals and still indulge in one of your favorite childhood foods.

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How to Do Low-Carb Chinese Food, Plus 5 Tasty Recipes

While many Chinese food basics are naturally low-carb, the noodles, rice, and sauces can make it a bit of a challenge for a ketogenic diet.  What can you do when cravings for Chinese takeout strike? In this guide, we'll show you how to enjoy low-carb Chinese food — including tasty recipes — while staying in ketosis.

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