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The CEO of a Massive Japanese Food Conglomerate Tastes Our Ramen

An Unexpected Message A few months ago, we received an unexpected text message in the late afternoon. The text came from KLee's friend - we'll call him H to protect his identity - who used to be a food entrepreneur in Japan and now runs a food company in the U.S.H said that his friend, Kohey, was visiting town and was looking to meet with young food companies and entrepreneurs. Kohey would only be in town for the next morning before returning back to Japan.We always trust H's referrals, so we accepted the introduction request without much hesitation and scheduled a meeting with Kohey for the next morning. But to be 100% honest, KChan and I knew nothing about Kohey and we weren't sure what to expect...

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How Two Friends with No Experience Reimagined Instant Ramen

“So did you two work in kitchens as cooks?” “Have you two been to culinary school?” “Did you grow up making noodles with your families?”“How are you going to make instant ramen? You know nothing about this industry.” ...Thanks mom and dad. We know 🤣. In the past year and half of building immi, strangers, friends, and family barraged us with these types of questions. It Always Starts with a Dream We’ve grown up eating noodles our entire lives. As Taiwanese and Thai/Chinese Americans, we've eaten almost every kind of noodle under the sun. KChan grew up eating at his grandmother’s egg noodle hawker stall in Thailand. KLee grew up eating noodle soup for breakfast at his grandparent’s rose apple farm...

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What immi Stands For

Going through a vision board exercise to depict and frame our values   In the early days of building immi, the most important thing we did was decide what we stand for. Today, we wanted to share our mission and values with you. immi's mission is to enrich lives through food. Enrich Health Our families were following unhealthy diets with the food they loved. As they got older, harmful effects appeared in the form of diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach cancer, and more.  Together, we convinced our families to change their eating habits and start eating healthier.  With immi, we're reimagining our favorite Asian American foods with added nutritional benefits and high quality ingredients to enrich health everywhere. Enrich Perspectives We started out seeing the world differently...

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Introducing immi

Hey Friend!  We're the Kevins - Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan - or KLee and KChan for short 👋 ! We've been close friends for the past 8 years as ex-roommates and ex-co workers and we live about 10 minutes away from each other in San Francisco. Ever since starting immi, we've been lucky to get to work together every single day. While others might consider this work, we’re having a ton of fun because we're loving every single minute of this journey!   Grabbing hot pot with one of our chef advisors.   We wanted to take the time today to tell you more about our backgrounds and explain why we're building immi. We were both lucky to grow up...

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