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Bacon Lettuce Tomato Ramen with Mayo Shio Tare Sauce

On hot summer days, there's nothing quite like a fresh BLT sandwich with crispy fresh lettuce, cold tomato slices, and perfectly cooked bacon. But bacon, lettuce, and tomato ramen? Who would dare attempt that?  Apparently Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen, the brash Jewish guy from New York who made his name as one of the best ramen makers on the planet and who recently starred in one of the episodes of Netflix's Chef's Table.  While browsing through one of his cookbooks, we saw his recipe for a BLT ramen and we did a double-take. Surely, this is a joke? There's no way this could taste good. But curiosity got the better of us, and off to the kitchen we went to test his recipe with our own...

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