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Garlic Clam Ramen Topped with Whipped Leek Butter

A few years ago, Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat photo of her ramen with a caption of: "I add Butter, Garlic Powder, and an egg to my ramen noodles." There was no recipe attached, but the internet went wild. Everyone tried re-making versions of it and supposedly, adding those 3 ingredients to any instant ramen turns out pretty well. We know nothing about pop culture, and know even less about Kylie Jenner (though we give her major props for becoming a billionaire). But when we heard about this recipe, we knew we had to do it right and take her ramen to the next level. So we one-upped her with our ramen upgrade: a keto-friendly garlic clam ramen topped with whipped leek butter...

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